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New Evolutions in the X Window System

Matthieu Herrb and Matthias Hopf

This paper presents an overview of recent and on-going evolutions in the X Window System. First, the state of some features will be presented, which are already available for several months in the X server, but not yet widely used in applications. Then some ongoing and future evolutions will be shown: On the short term, the new EXA acceleration framework and the new modularized build system. The last part will focus on a longer term project: the new server architecture based on OpenGL, using it as a common framework for both 2D and 3D acceleration.

About the Authors

Matthieu Herrb has been an XFree86 contributor from 1995 to 2004. He has now joined He's currently maintaing X11 on OpenBSD. He has a PhD in robotics from the Univeristy of Toulouse and works at CNRS/LAAS doing software and system administration for robotics applications.

Matthias Hopf is working on for SUSE since 2004. He has a PhD in computer science from the Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) group in Stuttgart and specialized in GPGPU applications and programmable graphics hardware.

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