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The Design and Implementation of OpenOSPFD

Claudio Jeker

OpenOSPFD is a new - added in OpenBSD 3.7 - routing daemon. It implements the Open Shortest Path First protocol used to redistribute and calculate the routing table for the interior network. It is after OpenBGPD the next major step for full routing capabilities in OpenBSD.

OSPF is currently the most often used IGP routing protocol, it is used to control routing inside a bigger network. Together with BGP it makes it possible to re-route traffic in case of link loss resulting in a higher-level of availability.

This talk describes why this project was started, the design decisions and inner workings of OpenOSPFD. Additionally a short overview of routing concepts and some sample setups will be covered. The talk is finidhed with an outlook of what will happen next in OpenOSPFD and OpenBSD.

About the Author

Claudio Jeker studied electrical engineering at the ETH Zurich and is now working for a small company doing hardware and software developement. He has been an OpenBSD developer for almost two years and is one of the main developers of OpenBGPD and of course OpenOSPFD.

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