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Embedded OpenBSD

Niall O'Higgins, Uwe Stuehler

OpenBSD is often overlooked in the embedded computing domain. In this paper we will highlight the features which make OpenBSD an excellent choice as an embedded operating system. We will give real-world examples from the ARM ports and small i386 systems such as Soekris and WRAP. Finally, we will discuss the technical issues involved in starting a port to a new platform and talk about the benefits the codebase as a whole can reap from having multiple ports. OpenBSD/zaurus will be our showcase port.

About the Authors

Niall O'Higgins has just finished his French degree and is in the final year of the Computer Science program at University College Dublin. He likes hacking, amateur boxing and the occasional beer.

Uwe Stuehler became interested in computers in his childhood. His first employment was as a software developer at the age of 16. He worked as a consultant, and is currently employed to port OpenBSD to a proprietary embedded system. He became an OpenBSD developer to work on the Zaurus port. Besides that, he is curious about science and life, likes to ponder about vital issues, enjoys calmness, nature, and good conversations, and occasionally even takes life easy.

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