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OpenBSD-based Wireless Networks

Implementing and deploying OpenBSD based wireless networks using hostapd, new drivers and the improved IEEE 802.11 framework

  • IEEE 802.11 basics
  • Implementation in OpenBSD 3.8 and -current
    • Changes since earlier releases
    • New drivers, their pros and cons
  • Setting up basic wireless operation
  • Running OpenBSD accesspoints
    • Running a Basic Service Set with a single OpenBSD accesspoint
    • Running Extended Service Sets using multiple OpenBSD accesspoints
  • Using hostapd(8)
    • Improve roaming capabilities in OpenBSD-based wireless networks
    • Use wireless monitoring capabilities of hostapd(8)
  • Using the new, powerful and State-of-the-Art features of hostapd(8)
    • Implementing proactive Wireless Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
    • Understanding and using the concepts and grammar of hostapd.conf(5)
  • Practice: Implementing, deploying and using a wireless network with OpenBSD/soekris-based accesspoints and a centralized OpenBSD network booting and management server.

About the Tutor

Reyk Floeter is a co-founder of .vantronix | secure systems, a company specialized in Open Source security in Hannover, Germany. He is the chairman of the EICAR Task Force on Wireless LAN Security and work as an OpenBSD hacker on improving the free wireless support.

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